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WELCOME to the Family


WELCOME to the Dimeo family

Patrick Brooks Site Safety Engineer

New Haven Office: 700 State Street Suite 700, New Haven, CT 06511 Boston Office: 88 Black Falcon Avenue Suite 307, Boston, MA 02210

Providence Office: 75 Chapman Street Providence, RI 02905

Contact: Bob Kunz Corporate Safety Director 401.226.1270//

project responsibilities initial

» Visit construction sites to ensure implementation of correct safety policies and procedures » Assist in the development of the project safety program » Establish and conduct jobsite orientation for every new employee for the project and administer and record their participation in the orientation program » Attend all initial meetings with the Project Staff and Subcontractor representatives and/or foremen to establish safety procedures prior to subcontractor activity onsite » Conduct regular (weekly) safety meetings with Project Staff and Subcontractor representatives relating to safety regulations to ensure proper compliance » Facilitate training for site personnel for compliance with Federal and State standards » Ensure and maintain toolbox safety meetings » Review subcontractor safety programs » Stop at once any violation or unsafe practice » Investigate all incidents and generate proper reports » Assist Project Superintendents in establishing and implementing proper fire prevention, evacuation and fire control procedures » Attend project staff meetings to brief the staff on safety issues ; conduct monthly safety overview meeting

glossary industry terms/acronyms

» Addendum: revision to the bidding documents » Allowance: money included in contract for specific work items that were not detailed at time of contract » Balancing: regulation of MEP system flow » BIM: Building Information Modeling » Closeout: finalizing all project tasks and handing over project documentation to the owner » Change Management: tracking cost changes to project scope » Commitments: finances provided to subcontractors » Contingency Plan: money set aside for additional costs » Cost Estimation: predicting the costs of construction » Critical Path: sequence of critical project tasks » GMP: Guaranteed Maximum Price » LEAN: program to increase construction efficiency » LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design » MEP: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing » Mockup: scale or full-size model of a design » NIOSH: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health » OAC Meeting: Owner-Architect-Contractor Meeting » Commissioning: checking that all mechanical equipment is installed and operating correctly

glossary industry terms/acronyms

» OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration » Project Manager: oversees project budget, schedule, materials & subcontractors » Punch List: list of small tasks to be finished by end of project

» Purchase Order: details of material order » QA/QC: quality assurance/quality control » Requisition: request for purchasing materials » ROM: Rough Order of Magnitude estimate

» RFI: Request For Information » RFP: Requests For Proposal » RFQ: Request For Qualification » Scope: contract with subcontractor of work to complete » Spec Sections: set of requirements for the project » Submittal: product data, shop drawings and samples sent to the design team for review » Superintendent: manages on-site construction » T&M: Time & Materials » Transmittal: letter explaining contents of a package » VDC: Virtual Design and Construction

report hours timesheet instructions

1. Open Chrome, click timesheet button in favorites. 2. Log in with Username and Password. 3. Make sure you key in the program name TIMEPRT and the current library TIMESHEET. 4. You can hit the submit button or hit enter. The next box will ask you if you want to report your hours now. The default is Y so just hit enter. 5. Ask your Project Manager for your project number and cost code. 6. Input 8 hours into the regular house section. 7. For Vacation, sick, holiday, or personal time, key in the time code letter (V,S,H,P) into the time code section. 8. When complete click on the door icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will end your session.

ADP system requesting time off

1. Open Chrome, click ADP button in favorites 2. Log in to ADP 3. Click the Myself tab - Time off - Request Time off 4. Click the blue request time off button 5. Fill out the date range for time off requested 6. Submit form and wait for supervisor approval

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